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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Where to get followers on Twitter

You can get Twitter followers many many places on the internet.

These are the different ways:
  • You can Buy them
  • You can follow people who follow back
  • You can get followers in exchange for ex: liking a facebook page, viewing a video on youtube, subscribing to people on youtube and so on.
Don't worry there are sites made for this, but there are some "do's & don'ts" 
  • Don't "mass follow" - following a lot of people in a very short amount of time.
  • Don't unfollow a lot of people in short time.
Doing these things is violation of both twitter and the "follow apps" which will get you banned from both sites.

*It is okay to follow or unfollow people over a long time eg. 10 in a day or something, just not right away*

________________________"YOU CHOOSE SITES"_____________

You choose a person in the category you want to follow,
and hope some of them follows back.

Will ask you to follow some people of your choice, for that follow you get some "seeds" and when someone chooses to follow you, then they get those seeds.

Let's you put yourself in their "library" then add your location & 5 interests that you have.

_______________________"AUTOMATIC FOLLOWS"____________

Gets you 100 followers in 4 hours with a free membership.
With premium you'll get followers much faster

Gets you 100 followers in 4 hours -
No different from the above one..

Does again the same thing as the above ones -
100 followers in 4 hours

________________________"EXCHANGE SITES"  __________________

With these sites, you earn a "currency" for each time you like, follow, subscribes or just view stuff on the sites they have available. Then you earn your points and people do the same and then they earn the points and so on.

The higher amount of points you are willinging to give out, the bigger chance there are someone, who will do it.


let's you do a ton of things to gain coins and then use them for getting views, likes, +1's etc.

Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. 
The difference between this and the above ones, is that here you can get money for doing it too!

Gets you "likes" on facebook and followers on twitter
You can also get money from this site.


_______________________"GET PAID TO FOLLOW"___________________

0.005$ per follow, 
Retweet things and get paid 0.025$ for that.

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