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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Get paid with Youtube

We all know we can "partner" with youtube, then have ads on our videos and earn money that way.
But for that we need subscribers - and to be honest, they're not that easy to get.. Unless you're funny & want to be "someone" on youtube.

So here are some other ways of getting paid with youtube.

Watch a video for at least 30 seconds.
- 0.01$ per view.
Commenting on videos also pays you.
You can also advertise your  own videos with this program.

You can put this one on complete autopilot. 
You download their program. Minimize the screen. 
Then it likes, subscribes and/or comments for you. 
You just have have it open. 
Then it does it all on autopilot. 
  • Every video you watch is 2 points. (These add up quick!) 
  • *12,000 points = $1* 
  •  Check back in about 3-4 hours to see if it's still running & you should have around 3-4,000 points.
  • you can also get your own videos shown this way.
- The downside is that it opens in IE and I have no clue how to make it stop doing that...

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