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Friday, October 5, 2012

Get paid for your pictures

Are your harddrive fed up with photos?
Then why not earn some money on them?
The only requirements are; that you own the rights to them and of course they should be something someone wants to buy.
These sites where you can sell your photographs are called "stock sites"

It's very simple.
You upload a picture - a person likes it - person downloads it - you get paid.
And the picture stays on the site and others can download it too. So more money for you!

Pixoto is one of the best stock sites I have come across!
The site lets you upload a picture and then it duels other photos and the people viewing them will vote for the best.
You can also leave feedback to peoples photography.
It’s such a fun way to see what people think of your photography.

Complete a "test" about their rules,
Submit 3 photos for approval by their Inspection team. 
Photo identification
Don't worry about the test - if you fail, you can do it again at a later time.

Valid Photo ID and submit some of your photos

Remember you can also buy photos from these sites - it's not that expensive :-)
One thing is to sell your photos, antoher option is to win with them.
Enter contests!

Limit of 10 picture uploads each week
Only 2 of them can be entered in their competitions

*Some competions wants you to pay for each entry - but I don't list those, unless you want me to?
(leave a comment saying it, if you want it)

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