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Sunday, October 7, 2012


Okay to be honest.. I can't really categorize these things,
I have no idea where to put them... or what to call them..
So please, I'm asking for your help - where would YOU like to see these things categorized?

Comment in the comments.

Lockerz is where you get paid to share your style.
You earn points which you can get discounts on different stuff.
So no this isn't complete a "make money opportunity" but it does give you great discounts.

You get 40 "peeqs" a day where  you can find a pretty thing, then look at the price and you will get badges which will get you the discounts.
eg. "free shipping for the next 24 hours"

Let's you earn in many ways.
You can do offers, some surveys (not many), watch videos and more.

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