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Friday, August 31, 2012

Survey sites International

Big companies will actually pay you for your opinion.

You will earn points based on how long the survey is and if you finish it.
Sometimes, you're just not the one they are looking for. Then they will say something like:
"We are sorry, but you do not fit in this survey" and kick you out.
But, that doesn't happen so often.

Do's & Don'ts about online money

A great survey Program which you can earn tons of points in!

Redeem at 1000 marketpoints

5$ just for signing up.
Minimum 25$ to cash out.

Join their prize draw for a chance to win a prize.
People have actually won over 12000$.

Ipsos Access Panel
Currency: Reward Points.
Earn 500 points and cash out for money
(in the form of an authorized check), donations,
American Express Gift Cards or others.

Minimum 50$ to cash out.
10$ sign up bonus.

Download program
& It will be in your taskbar.

Minimum 50$ cash out via PayPal, online rewards with partners, or donations to charity.
$10 sign up bonus.

Every Survey you are invited to do and you accept, you will earn spiderPoints which you can then use for -
  • Vouchers, from
  • Real Cash, via PayPal or Bank
  • Donations to World Vision Australia.
  • Auctions where you bid using your points.  

The ultimative list of paid surveys there are over 100 different paid survey sites, though their layout is a bit old..

Minimum 15$ to cashout to paypal account.
You get 5$ signup bonus!

If you are a doctor, nurse or pharmacist, you'll have lots of earning opportunities by participating in these paid surveys. 
Even though you're not in that field, you can still join the panel.

Get paid for your opinion. 
You have a traitscore. The more surveys you answer, the higher the traitscore. 
And the higher traitscore, the more you get paid per answer!
 NOT ONLY SURVEYS - These sites have more you can do than just surveys

Lets you do offers either for a cost or for free.
Minimum payout is 500 points = 10$ gift certificate to e.g amazon and more.
You complete offers or surveys.
Minimum Payout is 500 points, 
cool prizes - like an Iphone.

Will have you earn cash by doing offers and other stuff.
You have to earn 20$ to get your check

Do offers or win the contests.
Redeem at 20$
- You get 5$ just for signing up!

Take the daily surveys, complete tasks or watch videos.
Level up, to open more options to win.

Do different kind of offers and get paid.

Refer your friends, you sometimes get points for that too! :)

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