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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Do's & Don'ts - Online Money

Do's & Dont's about the money you have stored up several places on the internet.

Don't - keep you money in your "bank" at their site. - You never know if the site is gonna go down.
Then you'd lose all of your earnings. - The same goes for vouchers, they also have an expiration day.
So Cash out as soon as you can!

Do - be patient. - It takes a long time to make enough money to cashout.
And you need to understand that this is NOT quick cash! - It's just a nice extra income.

Don't - Cheat.. It's kind of obvious. Don't make 2 accounts with the same survey company.
Also, don't lie to them. It's tempting to say that you are a 13 year old girl, just so you can get paid for this survey. When in reality you are a 50 year old man.

Do refer a friend, most of the sites have a referral program. Often it happens that you have to have maybe 15$ to cashout and all you need is 5$ to push that. Your friends can be handy there.

Don't ever pay to join a survey program! - Most likely it's a scam.

Do check your emails often, as there are often a time limit on the surveys.
It can be a big help to be organized!

Here's what I have done. I guess it can be hard to follow, since it's not in english. But you can count the bars, right?

It says: "Move from" in the picture. -->

It's says "Move future messages" -->

Friday, July 19, 2013

20 Things 2 do to save money

There are a lot of things you can start doing to save money.

  1. Try to put away 2$ -  (or any other amount) a day in a jar or a piggy bank. Actually a very interesting experiment; if it lasts ;-) See it as money in last time of the year either for a rainy day or christmas presents. Depends on amount of course. - REMEMBER where you put the jar!
  2. Start using coupons, - Both in stores and online. 
  3. Don't shop at only one store. - Look in the adverts from different stores and compare the prices to where it's lowest.
  4. Create a budget. This way you are forced to find out how you spend your money. Sometimes you'll figure out that maybe you are spending your money on things you could live without.
  5. Make a weekly food plan. Sometimes it can be hard to figure out what you want to have for dinner, but by making a food plan, you are making it easier, so you know exactly what to get.
  6. Use cash, not your credit card. We tend to go overboard when we shop with a credit card. Because then we feel, we have all the money in the world.
  7. Double your recipe. You'll probably not spend more money, but instead just use more of the ingredients you already have. So you'll have leftovers for tomorrow. 
  8. Pack your own lunch for work/school. Don't buy the food at the cafeteria, but pack it from home instead.
  9. Don't buy bottled water. You are paying every month to have water in your faucet. 
  10. Air-dry you clothes. Hang your clothes so it can dry instead of tumble drying it. 
  11. Gym membership. If you are a member of a gym, whether or not you use it; ditch it. Go for a run or a walk with your dog or your friends dog. 
  12. Use online saving sites Like Groupon, where you can save up to 80% of restaurants and movie tickets. Just be careful, not to buy stuff you don't need. That ruins the whole purpose.
  13. Use recycling stores Need new clothes? want new books, video games, plates, movies; Anything! get it way cheaper than at the shops.
  14. Check if you have the right phone plan If you don't talk that much on the phone, then why have unlimited minutes. Check which services are right for you.
  15. Don't shop on an empty stomach When you are hungry, extra items are magically added to your cart.
  16. Get samples and free stuff Samples is a great way to try the things before you buy them. And maybe they'll come with coupons. Sometimes company's give away t-shirts and other stuff too. Even free food on your birthday! . Free Food
  17. Online Shopping? Free shipping! Keep your eyes open for free shipping, if you are shopping online. Maybe you'll find a different store where the item is a little bit more expensive, but the shipping is free. - Nothing to lose, right?
  18. Get loyalty cards with the stores you shop a lot. Some stores have a loyalty card where customers earn points, to use to buy items.
  19. Keep coins in a jar When you get changes back, put them into a jar. And save them for a rainy day. 
  20. Leave the car at home and walk when going to the shops.

Was this to any use? 
What is your favorite saving tip? 

Sunday, June 9, 2013


Eovendo is a program that will pay you for watching short ads and rate them.
Instant payment - no minimum!
It's a danish program, but also available in english. - But only if you live or is in Denmark.

First go to: Eovendo, then follow the instructions given below.
(Click the pictures to enlarge them)

Now it will ask for a "guldkode" It will allow you to watch premium ads
Just put "duerdejlig" and push "benyt guldkode"

The more categories you choose, the more money you can make
Now choose how you want to be paid and when.

open the program and choose "min konto"
Now choose "instillinger" and choose the UK flag, now the program will be in english
Most of the ads will be in english too, but some is still in danish.

Now you should be all set
Oh and sometimes they send surveys for you too = More money 

Good luck ;-)

Here is my payment proof.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

How to save money with coupons

Coupons - and free stuff 

Coupons and free stuff goes kinda hand in hand.
Therefore I have put them in the same post.
Here in Denmark we don't use coupons that much, but that doesn't stop me from helping you guys out.
But we do have the opportunity sometimes to snap up free stuff.

If you are walking around thinking, - "Nothing in life is free" Then, oh boy i'm gonna change your way of thinking.

I have received both catfood and dogfood, reflexes, a couple of books, (small books) and color cards. probably some more stuff, but I don't quite remember. And they were.. Guess what? - All FREE!
And there are a lot of things, I like here in this world.
But opening your mail and see there are "gifts" in there is just plain awesome!

First things first.
Don't just go find some coupons and buy that offer.
No, first you have your list of things you need. Else you are gonna end up buying stuff because they are cheap and not because you actually need it. For instance: 
  • You need milk. 
  • You go to a coupon site, newspaper, magazines, on the back of the receits, direct from the manufactures website,
  • And then you go through their site to see, if they have coupons for milk.
  • When you have found one, then you print it out.
  • And then you go your whole list of groceries trough and buy your stuff. And can now leave the store with a smile on your face. :-)
You can also find all of the coupons, you can find (and print them) and organize them. 
There are different ways to organize them. You need the way that suits you best. 
  • You could do it by grocery item. Frozen, Deli, dairy..
  • By expiration date, when will the coupons be too old?
  • Use a container to your coupons, - you know, so they don't get lost from you. It could be a shoebox, a coupon wallet. Or even an empty pizza box.. Use your imagination.
  • File the coupons as soon as you get them. It will save you a lot of time, so you don't have to sit with every single one of them and have to sort them.
  • Use them regularly. If the coupons are expired, - They won't help you at all.

The FREE STUFF is not the same.
If you have found some free stuff that you like, then go ahead and order it, but please do read the terms and condition - What? Like who reads the terms and conditions?
But at least just try to skim it. There are people out there trying to scam you.
If something sounds suspicious, - ask on google, maybe other people have had the same doubt that you do.

Question of the day. What is your favorite kind of discount?
Free stuff, coupons or something else that I maybe haven't heard about.
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