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Sunday, October 28, 2012

BIG Freelance sites

These sites are the BIG freelance sites.

Not like where you e.g have to get 1000 Fb. likes or whatever.

Is setup to be a bit weird.
With a free membership you cannot "bid" on the jobs,
this function is only available for paid members, so if you don't want to upgrade, the people who wants to hire you must find YOU first.

A lot of great work opportunities.

Makes it easy to find what you are looking for.

takes 10 % of what you earn from their program.

Sign up from in here and get 10$ voucher
Click "sell service" then "post an hourlie" - Get started with your work.
Also by clicking on my link you'll get a 10$ voucher to buy something from the site.

I find it somewhat hard to figure my way around on this site..
But still worth a try.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Get paid with Youtube

We all know we can "partner" with youtube, then have ads on our videos and earn money that way.
But for that we need subscribers - and to be honest, they're not that easy to get.. Unless you're funny & want to be "someone" on youtube.

So here are some other ways of getting paid with youtube.

Watch a video for at least 30 seconds.
- 0.01$ per view.
Commenting on videos also pays you.
You can also advertise your  own videos with this program.

You can put this one on complete autopilot. 
You download their program. Minimize the screen. 
Then it likes, subscribes and/or comments for you. 
You just have have it open. 
Then it does it all on autopilot. 
  • Every video you watch is 2 points. (These add up quick!) 
  • *12,000 points = $1* 
  •  Check back in about 3-4 hours to see if it's still running & you should have around 3-4,000 points.
  • you can also get your own videos shown this way.
- The downside is that it opens in IE and I have no clue how to make it stop doing that...

Sunday, October 7, 2012


Okay to be honest.. I can't really categorize these things,
I have no idea where to put them... or what to call them..
So please, I'm asking for your help - where would YOU like to see these things categorized?

Comment in the comments.

Lockerz is where you get paid to share your style.
You earn points which you can get discounts on different stuff.
So no this isn't complete a "make money opportunity" but it does give you great discounts.

You get 40 "peeqs" a day where  you can find a pretty thing, then look at the price and you will get badges which will get you the discounts.
eg. "free shipping for the next 24 hours"

Let's you earn in many ways.
You can do offers, some surveys (not many), watch videos and more.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Get paid for your pictures

Are your harddrive fed up with photos?
Then why not earn some money on them?
The only requirements are; that you own the rights to them and of course they should be something someone wants to buy.
These sites where you can sell your photographs are called "stock sites"

It's very simple.
You upload a picture - a person likes it - person downloads it - you get paid.
And the picture stays on the site and others can download it too. So more money for you!

Pixoto is one of the best stock sites I have come across!
The site lets you upload a picture and then it duels other photos and the people viewing them will vote for the best.
You can also leave feedback to peoples photography.
It’s such a fun way to see what people think of your photography.

Complete a "test" about their rules,
Submit 3 photos for approval by their Inspection team. 
Photo identification
Don't worry about the test - if you fail, you can do it again at a later time.

Valid Photo ID and submit some of your photos

Remember you can also buy photos from these sites - it's not that expensive :-)
One thing is to sell your photos, antoher option is to win with them.
Enter contests!

Limit of 10 picture uploads each week
Only 2 of them can be entered in their competitions

*Some competions wants you to pay for each entry - but I don't list those, unless you want me to?
(leave a comment saying it, if you want it)

Get paid to shorten links

When you are Advertising your links, sometimes you then want to hide that you are the referrer or else they'll just copy the half of the link and you won't get the referrer for that person!
That's why link shorteners is made.
With them you can shorten some of the links you send out to people, and track where they come from - but some of them pays you to do so!

Here are some of the link shorteners which pays that I have come across.

You have a link - you shrink it - people click it -They view an ad and you get paid.
Minimum of 10$ to withdraw them
$ Per click __?

Share your links and make money whenever someone visits them.
Minimum of 10$ to withdraw - Paypal 

$ Per click __? 
does not work in chrome, but does in Firefox :-)
Minimum of 5$ to withdraw.
$ Per click__?

If you can get 1,000 visitors from USA, you will earn $2.02

The sites clickrate is almost always based on where the visitor is coming from. 
The highest is from USA

*Remember: If you refer your friends, you can trough them too!

Do microjobs & get paid

Microjobs are jobs like translating a sentence into another language, review a small site, watching a video, sign up for something or taking a survey. This is something anybody can do!
They also have people who need articles written - They payout much more.

I recommend that you at least visit every site once a month. Some of the sites will suspend your account if your not active. Also the more often you visit, the more you'll have a chance at earning.

is also called Amazon MTurk. 
Earn up to 30$ 
Facebook account needed
Earn up to 4$

Minimum withdraw $4.00 + 6% fees/ Rather high
Work only takes under 5 Min. - *First come - First served*
Earn up to 0.70$ 

1$ Minimum withdraw
Chat feature
Money varies from task to task

1$ Minimum withdraw.
Money varies from task to task.
Chat feature - This makes the site more reliable.

1$ Minimum withdraw
Chat feature
Money varies from task to task

Squishycash - 2007
20$ Minimum Payout
Money varies from task to task

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Get paid with music

There are 2 ways for you to earn money with music.

The 1. way is to make a beat and sell them or you can promote other peoples beats.
Here is the sites I found on this.

You start by searching for some beats, then you
get a custom player to put on your website and whenever someone clicks and buys a link from your site - you get paid!


The 2. way is to LISTEN to music and get paid, you do sometimes have to make a short review on some of the sites, but it can too be a bit of fun :-)

lets you listen to a piece of music, you write a little review and you earn a little amount of money.
Be aware: this can get a bit addictive - you may be hearing a song no one else have heard yet...

You'd listen to music and then get paid in points.

SMALL Freelance sites

A freelancer is somebody who is self-employed and not committed to a particular employer long term.
You can do many things with  freelance work.
eg. translating something in another language or spell checking for someone.
Or anything else people might need

SMALL FREELANCE_____________________________________________________________

Fiverr is where people wants things done for 5$
This is the most popular of all these.
Just like Fiverr just with 25$ instead of 5$

People here are mostly into getting traffic to their site, graphics and such for 4$

People wants and offers Services from $5-$50

Even though the site says "just a five" then you can offer jobs for $5, $10 or $20 Jobs


Much like fiverr. offer you're service for 5$

Services offered by sellers on Tenyt are referred to as twigs. 
Prices of twigs are fixed at a constant $10.
People here can choose how much they want to pay you.
No limit, no minimum.

Is the place where everything costs 50$
Come up with cool ideas for things you are willing to do for $2, $5, $10, $15, $20, $50 or even $100.

Jobs available for 5, 10 or 20$
Outsource jobs for $3, $5, $6, $9, $12, $15, $27, $45 and $90

Jobs for 5, 10, 20 or 50£

Jobs from the price of 5$ to 10.000$ - a bit ridiculous, but well...
- $6 to $100 Gigs

Everything for 10$
What are you willing to do for money?

Oh boy. That was alot of sites..
especially when thinking of that there is many, many more sites just
like this out there...


What kind of services are you selling?

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Where to get followers on Twitter

You can get Twitter followers many many places on the internet.

These are the different ways:
  • You can Buy them
  • You can follow people who follow back
  • You can get followers in exchange for ex: liking a facebook page, viewing a video on youtube, subscribing to people on youtube and so on.
Don't worry there are sites made for this, but there are some "do's & don'ts" 
  • Don't "mass follow" - following a lot of people in a very short amount of time.
  • Don't unfollow a lot of people in short time.
Doing these things is violation of both twitter and the "follow apps" which will get you banned from both sites.

*It is okay to follow or unfollow people over a long time eg. 10 in a day or something, just not right away*

________________________"YOU CHOOSE SITES"_____________

You choose a person in the category you want to follow,
and hope some of them follows back.

Will ask you to follow some people of your choice, for that follow you get some "seeds" and when someone chooses to follow you, then they get those seeds.

Let's you put yourself in their "library" then add your location & 5 interests that you have.

_______________________"AUTOMATIC FOLLOWS"____________

Gets you 100 followers in 4 hours with a free membership.
With premium you'll get followers much faster

Gets you 100 followers in 4 hours -
No different from the above one..

Does again the same thing as the above ones -
100 followers in 4 hours

________________________"EXCHANGE SITES"  __________________

With these sites, you earn a "currency" for each time you like, follow, subscribes or just view stuff on the sites they have available. Then you earn your points and people do the same and then they earn the points and so on.

The higher amount of points you are willinging to give out, the bigger chance there are someone, who will do it.


let's you do a ton of things to gain coins and then use them for getting views, likes, +1's etc.

Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. 
The difference between this and the above ones, is that here you can get money for doing it too!

Gets you "likes" on facebook and followers on twitter
You can also get money from this site.


_______________________"GET PAID TO FOLLOW"___________________

0.005$ per follow, 
Retweet things and get paid 0.025$ for that.

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