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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Do's & Don'ts - Online Money

Do's & Dont's about the money you have stored up several places on the internet.

Don't - keep you money in your "bank" at their site. - You never know if the site is gonna go down.
Then you'd lose all of your earnings. - The same goes for vouchers, they also have an expiration day.
So Cash out as soon as you can!

Do - be patient. - It takes a long time to make enough money to cashout.
And you need to understand that this is NOT quick cash! - It's just a nice extra income.

Don't - Cheat.. It's kind of obvious. Don't make 2 accounts with the same survey company.
Also, don't lie to them. It's tempting to say that you are a 13 year old girl, just so you can get paid for this survey. When in reality you are a 50 year old man.

Do refer a friend, most of the sites have a referral program. Often it happens that you have to have maybe 15$ to cashout and all you need is 5$ to push that. Your friends can be handy there.

Don't ever pay to join a survey program! - Most likely it's a scam.

Do check your emails often, as there are often a time limit on the surveys.
It can be a big help to be organized!

Here's what I have done. I guess it can be hard to follow, since it's not in english. But you can count the bars, right?

It says: "Move from" in the picture. -->

It's says "Move future messages" -->
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