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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Get paid to play games and other small things

A list of sites where you can earn money or prizes just for playing games.

Do offers, complete tasks, shop, visit sites or watch videos.
If you live in UK or US you will gain most of this site.

Play games, surveys or download apps for your phone and earn points to shop for.
You play games, then you earn "oodles" and can redeem them to prizes.

Do offers or daily task and get paid in video games, prepaid game cards, clothing, music or amazon gift cards. 

Play trivia quizzes or make your own 
- earn "Crowns" = points
Use them to enter their weekly draws and win a t-shirt, a bag and other stuff.

Play games and if you are lucky, you can win cash

play games, get points and win.

Is definetly one of my big favorite game sites.
You play games, you tokens or points which you can then enter draws for. 

Complete offers, surveys, play games or do task.
Or all of them. - You choose.

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