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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Paid To Click ( PTC)

Paid To Click ( Ptc) are sites where you get paid to click advertisements.
You don't really make a lot of money, most of these sites offer only a few cents per ad.

But be aware many sites out there are scams, and you won't get paid.
If it sounds too good to be true - then it probably is.

So before registering a site - think about it and maybe go for a search first.

Here are the PTC I have found, and I have researched their credibility.
These I recommend.

Neobux 2008
gives you 0.001 + 1$ bonus per ad clicked
Chat & Forum feature
2$ Minimum withdraw

6$ Minimum withdraw
0.001$ per ad seen

Incentria - Febuary 2008
Pays up to 0.005$ Per ad seen. - This varies
1$ Minimum to cash out.
Available worldwide.

0.001$ Per ad.

0.001$ Per ad.

0.001$ Per ad.

0.001$ per ad


These are all very good, and trustworthy sites. 
I have done my research and sorted out the legit ones for you.

Remember, you get paid even more if you can refer your friends!

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