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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Survey sites in Denmark

Companies will sometimes pay you either money, points or giftcertificates for your opinion on different topics.

These surveysites are made to people living in Denmark only and for people who understands the language.

It takes time to make money in surveys sites to be able to cash out.
But in the end, it'll be money well earned. And maybe you will have made an impact on future

Do's & Don'ts about money online

If you can't read danish/is an international user
Please go to Surveys International

Avg. 50 – 75 points per. survey.
Join their lottery too.

Quality surveys
Use your points in their shop

Great quality of surveys
Buy stuff in their store

Low earnings, but any money is good money.
Cash out at 50kr.

Low earnings.
Free money is good no matter what.

Often send surveys
Cash out to paypal or use them in their shop.

Quality surveys
Cashout: Paypal
Great surveys
Cashout: Paypal
5-35 Kr. (0,89 - 6,23$) 

*Remember, you can also donate your points towards charities of your own choice*

Refer friends, you sometimes get points for that too.

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