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Sunday, June 9, 2013


Eovendo is a program that will pay you for watching short ads and rate them.
Instant payment - no minimum!
It's a danish program, but also available in english. - But only if you live or is in Denmark.

First go to: Eovendo, then follow the instructions given below.
(Click the pictures to enlarge them)

Now it will ask for a "guldkode" It will allow you to watch premium ads
Just put "duerdejlig" and push "benyt guldkode"

The more categories you choose, the more money you can make
Now choose how you want to be paid and when.

open the program and choose "min konto"
Now choose "instillinger" and choose the UK flag, now the program will be in english
Most of the ads will be in english too, but some is still in danish.

Now you should be all set
Oh and sometimes they send surveys for you too = More money 

Good luck ;-)

Here is my payment proof.

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